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Tenuta Roveglia Lugana Riserva 2015

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Weingut Vereinigte Hospitien, Trier

The wine estate Vereinigte Hospitien (United Hospitces), founded in 1804 by Napolean himself, is located in the heart of Germany's oldest city - Trier. It is incidentally also home to Germany's oldest wine cellar, whose origins can be traced back to 330 AD in the time of Roman Trier!
According to the website, the name of the winery refers to the Hospice of St James, which offered refuge to the poor and sick. Today, the winery is run by a foundation that still focuses on the nursing and care of the elderly, which are partly financed from the proceeds of the wine estate.
Vereinigte Hospitien is also one of the founding member of the VDP - Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter - an organisation made up of around 200 of Germany's top wine producers committed to create top quality wines that reflect the terroir. (You'll recognise VDP wines by its distinct logo of an eagle bearing a cluster of grapes, found at the top of the wine bottles.) 

The vineyards of Vereinigte Hospi…

2018 Doppio Passo Primitivo

I have a newfound love for Italian wines, specifically Primitivos, which I never really tasted much of when I was living in Malaysia or New Zealand. When it came to Italian reds, I tend to go for the more full-bodied Brunellos, Barolos or Chiantis.

Working in a wine store selling predominantly Italian and Portugese wines has since brought this grape variety to my attention, and I find myself enjoying this intensely flavoured, fruity wine more and more.

I was recently gifted this 2018 Doppio Passo Primitivo (seriously, is there anything better than friends who come over bearing bottles of wine?!) from the Puglia region of Italy. Like a classic Primitivo, I enjoyed this wine for its dense bouquet of black berries and slight tobacco notes.With a good structure and depth, it was well balanced with velvety, soft tannins and hints of ripe berries, chocolate and leather on the palate. 

We enjoyed this with grilled meat and barbecued bread; although I reckon this is a wine that would go wel…

Geniesserclub with Weingut Weegmüller

I had the pleasure of attendingCity and more's monthly Geniesserclub dinner with wine pairing yesterday. As always, it was a jovial affair of great food, wonderful wines and fun company.

Last night's affair was Thai-themed, paired with some lovely white wines from Weingut Weegmüllerof the Rheinland Palatinate (otherwise known as the Pfalz) area of Germany.

The Weegmüllers began producing wine in 1685, and in 1737, the family settled in Haardt, a village close to Neustadt an der Weinstrasse. According to their website, the Weegmüller Winery has been in family hands for 11 generations. 
Today, winemaker Stefanie Weegmüller-Scherr continues the family tradition, making wines that boasts of fine fruit and elegance. Her sister, Gabriele Weegmüller, whom I had the pleasure of getting to know yesterday, is responsible for the marketing of Weegmüller wines and customer care.
The evening started out with a bottle of the 2018 Scheurebe, a fresh, light and fruity summer wine with hin…

Burg Hohenzollern, Germany

One of the best things about building a home for yourself in a foreign land is being able to be a tourist in your own home. Even though I've lived in Germany for over five years now, there are still many, many places of interests I haven't been to or visited even in my own backyard - the Blackforest. 

For us as a family, the summer months are usually the best time to explore the region, to drive the two or three hours to a new destination that we would not normally do on an average weekend. The Hohenzollen Castle, or Burg Hohenzollern as it is called in German, was one destination that we had the pleasure of exploring last summer.

The ancestral seat of the Prussian family dynasty, this magnificent, picturesque castle is situated on the top of Mount Hohenzollern, at the periphery of the Swabian Alb. According to castle history, this is actually one of three castles built on the site (the first two were destroyed), and was built somewhere around 1850 as a family memorial by Ki…

Masseria Cuturi's Zacinto Negroamaro

I have always been the sort of person that's easily affected by the weather. My mood goes up when the sun is out and I find myself sluggish and lethargic when the weather is grey and rainy. Needless to say, spring is really not my favourite time in Germany (let's not even start talking about allergies)!
The one thing that can always perk me up regardless of the weather is the ocean a good bottle of wine. This bottle of Zacinto Negroamaro from Masseria Cuturi of Puglia, Italy, certainly did the trick!
Negroamaro is a red wine grape variety native to the south of Italy. It is grown almost exclusively in Puglia and particularly Salento - the 'heel' of Italy. The story here is that Negroamaro was the favorite wine of Cuturi's "Massero" - the man who managed everything - especially the quality of the grapes.Apparently, he loved this grape variety so much he would hide the wine barrel secretly for his own needs (I feel like this is a man that I would get along…

Flammaurant Zur Traube, Michelbach

We took our friends who were visiting us for the weekend, for some Flammkuchen at the Flammaurant Zur Traube in Michelbach yesterday. A flammkuchen is a specialty of the Baden-Wurttemberg and Rheinland-Pfalz regions of Germany, perhaps due to its proximity to the Alsace where it is known as a tarte flambée.

At first glance, flammkuchen looks a little like pizza. But the dough is normally rolled out very thinly in the shape of a rectangle or oval, and instead of a tomato-based sauce, a traditional flammkuchen is covered with fromage blanc or crème fraîche, thinly sliced onions and bacon bits, which is then cooked in a wood-fire oven.
 The Flammaurant in Michelbach makes and serves only flammkuchen. It offers the traditional 'Klassisch' version, but also a variety of others - with both sweet and savoury options!

Whether you prefer a fish or chicken topping, a spicy flavour or a garlicky option, the Flammaurant is a great place to try them all and figure out what you like!

My p…