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As I am

Dreams are a funny thing. When I was younger, I had an abundance of them. These days, I struggle to find even one to wish upon a star on.

As a child, I wanted to be a concert pianist. I love music and I would practice my piano for hours a day, with the hopes of performing one day with an orchestra. I took part in my church choir every year, and played the piano for them each week. I dreamed of a life where my 'job' would be doing something I love so much that it wouldn't feel like a job at all.

Somewhere along the way, my fears got the better of me. How many musicians make it out there in the great big world? Was I good enough? Talented enough? Eventually I went the safe route and did a double degree in Communications and Psychology instead. And as I studied, other dreams emerged. I wanted to work in a Production studio. I also wanted to work in a big corporation as an Organisational Consultant. Concurrently, I dreamed of being a therapist and working in a hospital environ…

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