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Antao Vaz da Peceguina 2017

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Sintra and Cascais

Remember my recent trip to Lisbon? Well, on the very last day of my trip I decided to venture a little further afield, and booked myself on a Small Group One-Day tour to Sintra and Cascais with 'Lisbon Meeting', a tour company I found on TripAdvisor.

It was the best decision! I was picked up bright and early at my hotel, and from there I could sit back and simply relax while our enthusiastic and very informative guide Bruno drove the group of us (five altogether) to our first point of interest - Pena Palace - so we could be there right when it opened.

Pena Palace is certainly one of the most interesting palaces I've seen in my life, and living in Germany, I've certainly seen quite a few of them! The first thing you'll notice is how absolutely striking it is, due to its slightly hypnotic bright red, yellow and purple facade.

We were there the minute the gates opened, and I loved being one of the first ones in, as I got to truly wander around the palace grounds and …

Tenuta Roveglia Chiaretto Miti

Awhile ago I wrote about the Tenuta Roveglia Lugana Riserva Vigne di Catullo 2015, which is one of my favourite Italian white wines. Recently, I also had the pleasure of trying the Tenuta Roveglia Riviera Del Garda Classico Chiaretto Miti, a Rosé wine from the same producers, made out of 50% Gropello, 30% Marzemino and 20% Barbera grapes.

I really enjoyed this wine, which was fresh with a beautiful rose salmon colour. The nose had a bouquet of light berries and grapefruit, and on the palate is a delicate balance of acidity, florals and fruits. This is an inexpensive, elegant wine that evokes sweet summertime memories.

Like its colour, this is probably a wine that would go beautifully with salmon, and also light and fine meat dishes, or simply on its own. This is one of my favourite Rosés at the moment and I enjoyed every last drop!

2017 Santa Barbara 'Le Vaglie'

My love for Italian wines is continuing to grow, and I love discovering wonderful wines from regions that are unfamiliar to me, like this 2017 Santa Barbara Le Vaglie from the Marche region of Italy. Marche, or sometimes known as Le Marche, is an eastern Italian region - an area with sandy coves, limestone cliffs and medieval villages, and best of all, beautiful white wines made from Trebbiano or Verdicchio grapes.

According to its website, Le Vaglie, made from Verdicchio grapes, was created in 1992 to break away from the framework of a traditional wine. The result is a wine that is light, fresh and smooth, elegant and persistent with beautiful floral, honey and citrus scents. In 2015, the winery launched five colourful wine labels alongside the traditional white label, a unique design choice that certainly makes this bottle stand out when it's presented along with the rest. 

On the palate, the Le Vaglie is lively with notes of green apples, citrus and almonds. This wine is tru…

2015 Chateau Laffitte Laujac Médoc

I haven't been drinking that many French wines as of late, so it was a pleasant change to try this 2015 Chateau Laffitte Laujac from the Médoc region of France. Médoc is essentially an AOC (a French geographical indication granted to certain wine/food regions of France) for wine in the Bordeaux wine region, where 50% of the viticultural area is Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

This bottle was something truly special indeed. A dark, ruby red in colour, this wine was classic Bordeaux - savoury, elegant and sumptuous, with plenty of black berries, forest and leather on the nose. Medium-bodied, complex and aromatic, I loved the combination of fruits and wood notes as well as the soft tannins and long, lingering finish that held a hint of tobacco and chocolate.

This is a wine that could possibly be cellared for a few more years, and one that would go well with most meat and grilled dishes, or simply enjoyed on its own. Truly a delicious drop and retailing for 15.90 Euros at WeinFreunde

Casa do Valle

Casa Do Valle is a winery in the Vinho Verde region of Portugal, and I'd recently bought three different varieties of their wines from City and more, which I thought would make for some lovely summer drinking.

I had all three bottles chilled and ready to go for those really hot days (which to be honest has been everyday for the past few weeks) and have enjoyed tasting them while battling the heat.

The first one I tasted was the Casa Do Valle Seco, which was a light, crisp and invigorating summer wine, with fresh citrus fruits on the nose and peaches and minerals on the palate. This wine would be good as an aperitif, or perhaps with fresh, summer salads and seafood dishes.

The Casa Do Valle Adamado was a dry white wine with an elegant floral, citrus and tropical fruits aroma. This was also fresh and crisp, although slightly fuller-bodied than the Seco. This wine would go great with sushi, seafood, salads, poultry as well as some Asian cuisine.

The last wine I tasted was the Casa D…

La Couronne de Roeschwoog

There are two things I always eat whenever I go to France, or to a French restaurant - Escargots and Frogs legs. I am obsessed with them, especially if they're drenched in garlic (incidentally also another obsession of mine).

I was introduced by a friend to La Couronne de Roeschwoog - a French restaurant in the Alsace - due to my love for these dishes, which apparently the restaurant does really well (although what they're really known for is their Flammkuchen).

We live on the border to the Alsace region of France, so getting there was only a 30 minute drive. Growing up on the other side of the world in Malaysia, it's still a little surreal to hear myself saying, "Oh, we're just going to pop over to France for dinner!"

Anyway, we were there early on a Friday evening but the place was already busy and bustling and filling up fast!

There were plenty of outdoor seating for the summer months (although by the time we ordered nearly every table outside was occupi…