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Hopfenschlingel, Rastatt

Hopfenschlingel in Rastatt is without a doubt one of my favourite German biergartens/restaurants in the area. The Husband introduced me to this dining establishment mid of last year, and we have since been back to eat at least once a month. In fact, we've been to this restaurant more than any other since moving to Germany, and I was so surprised I had not written about it that I had to look through my previous blog posts to be sure! 

Nevertheless, good things, especially food, are meant to be shared - and so here we are. The menu at Hopfenschlingel consists of typical/traditional German fare, featuring dishes well known to the Blackforest region of Germany. So if you're looking to introduce yourself to the local cuisine, this is definitely the place to go.
There is plenty of seating both on the inside and in the courtyard areas of the restaurant, which makes it the perfect all-year-round establishment; and because it's so spacious, it never feels too crowded even when ever…

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