2011 Ellwanger Spätburgunder

This lovely bottle is from the Ellwanger winery that is located in the Weinstadt area of Stuttgart, Germany. We were lucky enough to visit the winery during a visit to Stuttgart last weekend, where we chose a few bottles of wine specific to the particular region.

This Spätburgunder (literally translated to mean 'Late Burgundy), is a classic German-style, medium-bodied with moderate tannins and medium acidity. A light floral bouquet on the nose, it has an earthy, mineral quality, with a hint of spice, complexity and elegance. A real gem at 12 euros a bottle.

We're pairing this with a roasted-vegetable quiche for dinner. I think the earthy, mineral tones will work well with the earthy, herbaceous flavors of the vegetables. What's on your table tonight?


  1. Your pairing of roasted vegetable quiche with this wine sounds really good.


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