A Parisian Love Affair

I won't attempt to write any form of a travel guide to Paris, as three days spent in a city makes me an expert of precisely nothing, except maybe the 9th arrondissement where I was staying and managed to get myself hopelessly lost and wandering the streets on my very first night.

Navigation-problems aside, I was able to visit a lot of the 'touristy' attractions I'd been reading/dreaming about for the larger part of my adult life, which cliché as they may be, were every bit as magnificent as I'd imagined and truly highlights of my trip.

There were many things I wanted to do, but couldn't, mainly due to the time constraint and not planning far ahead in advance - like going up the Eiffel tower for example, or into the Louvre museum, of which you really need to devote a good few days.

But there were other things, like attending half a mass session at the glorious Notre-Dame, seeing the upside down Christmas tree at Galeries Lafayette, or accidentally meeting a Princess from Thailand (I kid you not) at the legendary Shakespeare and Co. book store, which were completely not in my plans, but ended up being some of the more prominent and memorable moments of my brief time in Paris.

It was a wonderful, much-needed break from the monotony of Motherhood and from the stresses of organizing an international move. But more than that, it was an important time of reflection for me, a trip which reminded me of the person I once was and dreamed of becoming, and one that has aligned itself very nicely with my current goals and frame of mind, altogether a truly special time for me indeed.

I will share some of my favorite moments and photographs here - all taken on my iPhone as I did not want to be lugging a camera around all day - and you've been forewarned, there are plenty! I hope you enjoy them through my eyes.

View from my hotel room at night
Rooftops, from the balcony of my hotel room during the day
The breathtaking Palais Garnier, also known as the Opéra Garnier
Parisian street signs are located on buildings
A fruit and vegetable shop bursting with colors 
La Tour de Eiffel
Pont Alexander III, widely known as the most beautiful bridge in Paris
Pont Alexander III from the side
The Louvre Museum from the Seine 
On the Seine River Cruise - getting to know the city from her waters
Decisions, decisions
Musee du Louvre
First glimpse of the Pyramide du Louvre
The beautiful grounds of the Musee Du Louvre
Crowds of people visiting the Christmas window displays at the Galeries Lafayette
Christmas has arrived at the Galeries Lafayette
A typical Boulangerie filling the streets with smells of sweet pastry and freshly-baked bread
The historic Notre-Dame Cathedral
Inside the beautiful and mesmerizing Notre-Dame
Blessed are the children
True words
Shakespeare and Company - hands down the best bookstore I've ever had the pleasure of visiting
A sunny day in Paris
L'As Du Fallafel reportedly has some of the best fallafels in the world!
A 'Fallafel Special'
One of many delicious meals. This was a Cod Fish with Seafood Ristto 
When in France, escargots.
Inside one of Paris' trendy cafe/restaurants - Le Richer on the 9th arr.


  1. Your pictures are gorgeous! It looks like a magical trip. Wish I'd been there to share a glass and your escargot ;)

  2. Thank you for your lovely photos. Looks like a really good trip as you took so many photos and the food! Looks really delicious!


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