Le Richer

On my first night in Paris, I wandered into Le Richer on Rue Richer. Actually, 'wandered' sounds like I ended up there by accident. I didn't. I wanted a taste of modern French cuisine, which is what Le Richer does, and I had read about this place prior to my visit - a restaurant that is quickly rising in popularity in the 9th Arrondissement where I happened to be staying.

I was early and got a seat right next to the big floor-to-ceiling glass windows, which allowed me to be a little unobtrusive as I people-watched while waiting for the kitchen to open. I was glad to have a place to rest my feet as it'd been a rather long day, and I was happy to sit and soak in the atmosphere while sipping on my glass of wine.

Speaking of atmosphere, soft jazz music filled the background, while candles cast a warm, romantic glow in the intimate and uncluttered surroundings. I loved the cellar-like feel of the brick walls, and the large glass windows that let in enough light so it felt airy and spacious, even though it's not a really big restaurant. It was low-key, mellow yet sophisticated. The place filled up quickly as I sat there, and midway through my dinner, people were being turned away, so I'd recommend being there early - around 7-7.30pm like I did, as they don't take reservations.

The staff was extremely helpful and all spoke English. I asked for a glass of white wine and was brought three bottles to choose from, and also recommended specific wines depending on my choice of food. The menu is short and simple with only three choice of starters, mains and desserts. I had them all translated by the friendly waitress, and even with such a limited choice, it was hard for me to choose between the innovative and decadent-sounding dishes!

I apologize here for the poor pictures. The lighting was low, I was using my phone and extremely tired. Needless to say, the pictures truly don't do the dishes I had any justice, because as it turned out, they were pretty damn good. 

My starter of a Mushroom and Foie Gras soup was heartwarming, rich, and utterly delicious on a cold night. It looked deceptively simple, but the flavors were full and just the right combination of savory, creamy and earthiness that went perfectly with the glass of Spanish white wine that the waitress had recommended.

For my main course, I ordered the canard rôti/confit, with purée de choux-fleur, and shitake confit et figue. The duck breast was lovely and tender, with robust flavors that went well with the delicate mushrooms on the side. The pieces of figs lend a sharp bite of acidity and sweetness, adding a nice overall contrast to the dish. I particularly enjoyed a piece of Asian-inspired roll of shredded duck confit wrapped in cabbage, and my only lament was that there was only one of those!

I had the crème brûlée of milk chocolate with passion fruit ice cream and croquet noisette for dessert, which was creamy and well-made, although slightly too much sweetness for me with its heavy sugar topping. My husband, and any other chocolate lover however, would have probably devoured it without any question. Me? I've always preferred vanilla. ;)

Le Richer
2, rue Richer (9th Arrondisement)
75009 Paris


  1. Duck! One of my favourite meat. Your food photos look just fine to me, especially the duck breast. I can taste the gamey taste which I like just by looking at the photo.

    1. Thanks! I tried to salvage it a little with filters and etc. so it doesn't look too bad, but it definitely doesn't do the food justice!


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