Royal Lochnagar 12

This whisky was a bit of an unexpected treat. We emptied our last bottle a month ago and weren't going to replace it as we're in the process of packing up the house and emptying our kitchen; but I've been down with a cold for a few days, and you'd be surprised how well a shot of whisky can clear a stuffy nose - not to mention help you sleep at night. Thankfully The Husband did not need much convincing to get another bottle!

Tired of the usual suspects, we decided to try something new and the primary reason why I picked this bottle (don't judge) was because of its name. The Royal Lochnagar 12 turned out to be an award-winning whisky and is apparently also a favorite of both Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, with the distillery being located only a stone's throw away from Balmoral Castle, the Queen's residence in the Highlands. You can read more about the distillery here. I'd love to visit it someday.

This is a fine example of a Single Malt Scotch Whisky indeed. Mellow and silky-smooth, you get a hint of leather, earth and spiciness up front, while the finish is slightly sweet with a touch of vanilla. I like it with a little bit of water, which makes the flavours more rounded and brings out more of the bouquet.

I read that this can be a tough bottle to find outside of Europe. We may need to stock up before we leave the country as this is definitely one for the shelf!


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