Tanjung Rhu Resort, Langkawi

We are staying with my family in Malaysia for the next two months, before embarking on the last part of our journey - our move back to Auckland, at the end of February. 

So far, our time in Malaysia has been a real mix of ups and downs. Seeing family again is definitely an 'up'. So was getting to spend Christmas with loved ones, enjoying the variety of delicious cuisine Malaysia has to offer, and being able to go on holidays at glorious beach resorts just like the one I'm about the share with you in this post. 

But we've also been battling jet-lag, adjusting to the extreme change in weather from a German winter to tropical humidity, and right after our recent holiday I was down with some sort of stomach bug for about seven days, which unfortunately coincided with New Year celebrations. Nevertheless, I'm on the path to recovery, and finally able to sort through some of our photos to post them here. 

Just after Boxing Day, my family and I flew to a five-star beach resort located on the island of Langkawi called Tanjung Rhu Resort. We'd been there once nearly five years ago and had such an amazing time that it was an easy decision to return again. 

The hotel has an amazing private beach and lush foliage throughout the property, and is not so much 'posh and flashy' as it is 'welcoming and homely'. There are several rather magnificent swimming pools including a salt-water pool, three restaurants on site offering a variety of cuisine styles, and even though parts of the hotel are currently undergoing maintenance work, the noise level was kept to a minimum with not much of a disruption to hotel guests, or to us at least. 

It wasn't the most stroller-friendly hotel as there are slabs of pavement, stones and steps all over the resort, but the staff are ever-present and ready to help you lift/push/carry should it be needed.

We stayed in a large, beautiful suite with a bedroom you could close off from the living area, which was great in the evenings when the babies were in bed as we could still hang out in the living room without disturbing their sleep. 

We had a relaxing time (or as relaxing as it gets while looking after two little ones), and I loved the wide expanse of beach, how spacious and clean the resort was even while undergoing renovations, and most notably, the excellent service and efficiency of the hotel staff, who truly did their best to cater to our every need and request. One literally does not have to move from one's beach lounger to order a drink or something to eat - simply stand the flag provided with each lounger and someone would come within minutes to assist. 

I also had two incredible massage sessions at JivaRhu Spa. While the interior of the spa is a little dated and could do with a fresh look, once again the level of service provided by the staff and the experienced therapists from Bali, Indonesia cannot be faulted. I certainly left the spa with a few hundred knots less on my shoulders!

This is a gem of a resort that deserves its stars, located just minutes away from the more internationally known (read: expensive) Four Seasons Langkawi, but it certainly holds its own, and I'm glad we still enjoyed our time there the second time around. It's good to see that the property is being maintained and upgraded, and I hope they'll keep up the good work!

Tanjung Rhu Resort
Mukim Ayer Hangat 07000,
Pulau Langkawi, Kedah Darulaman


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