Fernielea Licensed Cafe

We discovered this charming little cafe in Coatesville by accident, as we drove past one afternoon in search of coffee and I found myself instantly drawn to the lovely villa-like cafe/restaurant with a playground attached. 

Inside, it was as welcoming and captivating, with delicious-looking treats displayed in glass domes that called for a second, and third, look. One sip of their rather delicious Flat White and I was hooked. We had to come back and try the food. 

Sweet Treats
Specials Board
The cafe is bright, quirky, and extremely child-friendly, with a proper changing room for babies, plenty of high chairs, and even a little toy/crawling area inside and of course, the playground outside. It's nice to be able to be in a dining establishment every now and then and let your toddler and baby roam free without trying to restrain them in chairs or pacify them with bribes biscuits so you can finish a meal in peace. 

Quirky and fun interior

The coffees are, as mentioned, rather delightful here, with intricate coffee-art that makes you want to take a picture of it rather than drink it (but of course, drink it we did, and it did not disappoint)!

A Mocchacino and a Flat White
Savoury Ham, Spinach and Cheese Muffin
Our brunch arrived looking arty, colorful and scrumptious. I loved everything on my plate, except for the hash browns, which were a little too crunchy for my liking. Every time I tried to cut through it, it crumbled into a hundred tiny pieces on the plate which made it impossible to eat. The Husband's baked mushrooms were delicious, and we could have certainly done with a little more of them. He too, had the same problem with the extra-crispy hash browns (which I've no doubt some people would actually prefer!)

Big breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, ciabatta and hash browns
Baked Mushrooms with Kumara Hash Browns
Overall, it was a delightful experience, and the children enjoyed themselves, which made for a relaxing and enjoyable time for all of us. Coatesville is a little out of the way for us now that we've moved to our permanent home, but you can bet I'll stop for coffee and a treat if I'm ever in the area!

Liam enjoying the outdoor playground
Fernielea Licensed Cafe
302 Coatesville Riverhead Hwy,
Coatesville, Auckland
+64 (09) 4156442


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