Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant

One thing I've always appreciated about New Zealand is how diverse and exciting the food scene is, for a country with only 4 million people living in it. Whether you're craving or hankering for a Korean Bibimbap, an Indian Curry, a Malaysian Char Kuey Teow, Japanese sushi, Fish and Chips, Thai Pineapple Fried Rice, or a world-class fine-dining experience with a ten-course food and wine degustation menu, you'll find a variety of these all throughout the city.

Unlike Malaysia, whose culture revolves predominantly around food, in New Zealand, food does not feature as heavily on the minds of people, but is part of the lifestyle-aspect that is enjoyed as much as the outdoors, the art scene, rugby, sailing and the likes. But this doesn't mean that it is any less lacking. After two years of living in Karlsruhe, Germany, I no longer take for granted the fact that we can have Eggs Benedict for breakfast, some excellent curry for lunch, followed by Sushi for dinner if that's what we wanted.

Last weekend, we decided to pay a visit to Grand Harbour Restaurant located at the Viaduct, our old haunt for dim sum or yum char as it is known here. We were there bright and early (you're always bright and early when your kids are up at 7am), and had to waited quite awhile before the food was finally ready, but we weren't disappointed.

There was an excellent variety of food, which were all delicious, fresh, and definitely satisfied my cravings for some Chinese food. Liam enjoyed the Char Siew Pau (steamed pork buns) and I loved the lotus leaf sticky rice, which were fragrant and well-seasoned, and the crispy fried prawns, which was was lightly breaded and delicious.

The dumplings were generously-sized with ample filling, and the egg tarts we had at the end were light, sweet and flaky. Although the food was slow to come out, service was quick and efficient (if a little abrupt), and we thoroughly enjoyed the meal. If I had any complains, it was that I couldn't eat/try as many of the dishes as I wanted to - yum char is really one of the dining occasions that is better with a large groups of people.

Nevertheless, it was good to know that while so many things can change in the course of three years, some things, like a small succulent, plate of dumplings, stay the same. I look forward to returning and trying some of the other dishes that we were simply too full to manage at that point!

Spacious interior, suitable for large groups
An array of seafood, meat and vegetable dumplings!
Deep-fried barbecue pork dumplings
Crispy Spring Rolls
Sticky Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf
Crispy fried prawns
Honey-glazed pork buns
Egg Tarts
Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant
Cnr Pakeham St and Custom St West
Viaduct Harbour, Auckland
Tel: +64 (09) 357 6889


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