Hobsonville Point Farmers Market

Last weekend, on a gloomy-looking Saturday morning, we traipsed over to the Hobsonville Point Farmers Market, an award-winning market located inside a historic seaplane hangar in Hobsonville (next to Hobsonville Point ferry terminal). 

An old seaplane hangar
Hobsonville Point Ferry Terminal
Gloomy, but beautiful morning
I love farmers markets. There's something so enjoyable and relaxing about being able to speak directly with the growers/producers, buying fresh bread or pastries baked that very morning and getting to sample and try the products before buying them. The Hobsonville Point market was relaxed, spacious and family and dog-friendly! We were there bright and early and the place was fairly empty, which added to the air of relaxation.

The market runs every Saturday and Sunday morning from 9am till 1pm, and while it isn't the biggest market around, there is still a tempting array of stalls selling a range of high quality food items including fresh local farm produce, gourmet meats, artisan breads, specialty cheese, international foods, coffee, honey, home baking and more. It was truly an exercise in balancing restrain and indulgence for me, I wanted to buy everything in sight!

Fresh fruits and vegetables
Winnie The Pooh would love this honey stall!
According to the website the market was voted Best in Auckland in 2012 and then Best Surburban Market in 2014. I could have easily spent the entire morning going from stall to stall and sampling (and buying) the whole lot. As it is, we settled for coffee and some delicious pastries to start the day with, and I managed to restrain myself to only buying a few treats, like a scrumptious jar of eggplant relish, a little tub of homemade kimchi, and a loaf of caramelized onion foccacia bread for our dinner that night.

A family-friendly and relaxed environment
No shortage of pastries
Delicious homemade loafs
For the muffin-lover
Liam checking out the wharf
Plenty of preserves and relishes available for tasting
Best seafood pancake I've had in awhile!
We will definitely be making this a monthly trip, if not more. I have to have another helping of Seafood Pancake from the lovely Korean stall! 

On a side note, music lovers will be happy to know that the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra will be bringing music to the market every Sunday in March from 11am-12noon, which means another three Sundays to enjoy good food, a great atmosphere, and excellent music to boot!

The Landing 
Hudson Bay Road, 
Hobsonville Point


  1. Wow, a farmer's market with live classic music! What a superb combination.


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