The Page Corner Cafe, Kingsland

I was at The Page Corner Cafe a few weeks ago before a job interview, seeking refuge from the grey skies and heavy winds that was threatening to whisk me off my silly three-inch-heels as I tottered around Kingsland.

The cafe was a bright, cheerful and warm oasis, with colorful murals on the wall and a welcoming interior. I was seated and given a menu, and expected someone to come and take my order, only to belatedly realize I was supposed to order at the front counter, which was a little confusing.

Nevertheless, the coffee was excellent, and my Big Breakfast was heartwarming with simple, fresh ingredients and delicious scrambled eggs, although the mushrooms were a little on the bland side. I loved the little attention to detail like the mint leaves and slice of lime in the water, and the M&Ms that came with the coffee were a cute touch. A nice, cosy spot to while the day away (or hide from the storm), if you're ever in Kingsland.

The Page Corner Cafe
460 New North Road
Kingsland, Auckland
Tel: +64 (09) 8469997


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