The Velvet Gypsy, Browns Bay

Every now and then, we like to spontaneously head out for dinner as a foursome (I know, what a crazy life I lead!), which, as any parents with young children will know, can be extremely stressful no matter how prepared you are with food and snacks and getting the timing right. A rude waiter, tight spaces where you can't push a stroller through, no highchairs, nothing suitable on the menu for a toddler, a baby who suddenly decides he wants to crawl on the floor are all recipe for disasters.

So it's always nice to find a place every once in awhile that ticks all the boxes - casual and welcoming enough to feel comfortable with your very vocal infant and a toddler who can't sit still, while also enjoying a 'grown up' atmosphere - it is a rare occurrence after all! 

Outdoor area overlooking Browns Bay Beach
We found ourselves back in Browns Bay one evening (I'm really loving this area on the Shore), and decided to have dinner at The Velvet Gypsy, mainly for the fact that it started serving dinner at 5pm. Yes, unfortunately taking the kids out for dinner also means eating while some people are probably just starting their day.

Quirky and funky decor
There is plenty of outdoor seating, and the inside is quirky and funky with bright splashes of colour which added a touch of cheerfulness to the grey lounge chairs and carpet. I like the huge bar table area that dominated the inside of the room, perfect for mingling with friends and co-workers after a long day, perhaps not so great for families with little children.

Bar Area
The Velvet Gypsy offers daily meal deals, and on the evening we were there (a Tuesday), it happened to be Burger Tuesday (a burger and a house beverage for $20), so burgers was what we had. 

My Beef, Cheese and Bacon Burger was a mammoth creation. I've literally never seen a bigger burger in my life, and frankly wasn't quite sure how to eat it. I settled on dismantling it piece by piece, and while all the separate components were tasty on its own, I much prefer to be able to chomp down on my burger as a whole. In the end, I managed to wolf down three quarters of the burger minus the bun at the bottom, a pretty good effort I must say!

Classic Cheeseburger
Feta and caramelised onion pizza
The Husband's Chicken Burger was a slightly more reasonable proportion (although still massive) and it was a tasty concoction of delicious crumbed chicken that went well with the cranberry jelly and soft gooey brie. 

We also ordered a feta and caramelized-onion mini pizza for the little guy, and this was surprisingly delicious! Chewy, creamy and savory with a hint of sweetness from the caramelized onion, it went down a treat, and Liam enjoyed it too.

Chicken and Brie Burger
Happy times at Browns Bay Beach
Overall, we had a nice time at The Velvet Gypsy, and although it isn't the most family-friendly place (it is a bar after all), they had high chairs for the kids (and this IS a plus, as not all dining establishments we've encountered have them), the staff was friendly and accommodating, and the service was great. Now I may have to go back on a Wednesday evening for Mussel Wednesday!

The Velvet Gypsy
2 Beachfront Lane,
Browns Bay, Auckland
Tel: +64 (09) 4796931


  1. Looks like a find! It always annoys me when they make burgers too big for your mouth...what's the point it looking great if you can't eat it?


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