Fortune Fountain Restaurant, Takapuna

A very stormy Sunday morning saw the Mahon family waiting impatiently outside Fortune Fountain Restaurant in Takapuna for it to open, so we could escape into warmth, and hopefully, some good Cantonese-style yum char.

I'd read mixed reviews on the internet prior to our visit. There were a number of negative comments regarding the quality of food and the service; but my motto has, and will always be, to try something for myself, and not just once, before deciding whether a dining establishment is good or bad. Kitchens are entitled to have a bad day (although for certain restaurants this certainly shouldn't be the case), but I like to give places/chefs/wait staff the benefit of the doubt as well as the opportunity to grow and improve. And I'm glad we went to Fortune Fountain. 

The service wasn't exemplary, but most of the staff were helpful and friendly enough. The thing that tend to happen to me at a Chinese restaurant is that staff automatically speak to me in Chinese, assuming that I would of course, know the language. While I can speak it fairly decently on a conversational level, I don't always know the name of food in Chinese, and it can get a little frustrating when sweet, old women come to me bearing a tray of food and start firing names at me in rapid Mandarin, which I don't understand. This is when pointing and smiling comes in handy.  

That aside, we definitely enjoyed the dishes we had. There's a good selection and variety of food available for pretty much the standard pricing of yum char in Auckland. The dumplings were meaty and juicy, our bowl of pork congee was cooked to the perfect consistency and extremely flavorful, the fried stuff wasn't too greasy or oily, and the steamed pork buns were exactly like the ones back at top-notch Chinese restaurants in Malaysia. And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

All in all, we had an enjoyable experience, we enjoyed the food and didn't feel rushed, and it's good to know that there's a yum char place so close to where we live on the North Shore that we can now go to whenever the craving hits, without having to make our way to the city. 

Spacious interior to accommodate large groups
Eclectic but sumptuous interior decor
Tea for two 

Shanghai Dumplings
Shrimp and Chives Dumpling
Pan-fried Minced Pork Bun
Shrimp on Toast
Congee with Shredded Pork and Century Eggs
Steamed BBQ Pork Bun

428, Lake Road
Takapuna, Auckland


  1. I tend to get put off my bad reviews, but this shows I should be more open minded. Sounds like a nice find!


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