Let Us Cook: Fish

For our third week of Let Us Cook, I'd given The Husband 'Fish' as an ingredient. He decided on cooking Thai Fish Green Curry, but misplaced the recipe he was going to follow at the last minute, so he did what he does best - wing it - and it turned out pretty great. 

Thus I don't actually have a recipe to share today, as it was more like a dash of this and a pinch of that, but I can tell you what went into the dish. We bought fillets of Ling Fish (which are similar to cod fish in flavor though slightly tougher in texture) upon recommendation from a lady at the local Fish Market when she learned how we wanted to cook it. 

Together with the fish, we also had chopped up eggplants, mushrooms and bamboo shoots that made up the main ingredients. The curry sauce itself was made from a few spoonful of Thai green curry paste, a can of coconut milk (add more for a milder flavor), a dash of fish sauce and a pinch of sugar, which is pretty much the basic recipe for an easy green curry. 

The result was a simple, heartwarming and tasty dish that went well with a serving of rice!


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