Swiss Cafe and Bakery, Milford

Living in Germany for the past two and a half years have inadvertently instilled in me an appreciation for fine pastries and baked goods. No matter what street you're on in Germany, a bakery will not be too far away, and it's not difficult to cultivate a love for freshly-baked bread or sweet pastries when the Germans do them so well.

Today, nothing makes me feel more at home than walking into a cosy, welcoming bakery with the smell of freshly-baked bread and pastries wafting through the air, complemented only by the fragrance and gentle humming of brewing coffee. Throw in some snow and the crisp winter air, and you're in my idea of heaven.

We don't quite have snow here, but it certainly is wintry, and the Swiss Cafe and Bakery in Milford, is a bakery that ticks all the boxes, and is slowly turning into my go-to place whenever I start feeling a little homesick for Germany, which surprisingly has been quite often!

With a facade that's cheerful and beckoning, this bakery located only a stone's throw away from where we live (lucky me!) is constantly filled with a delicious scent of freshly baked goods, and a quick glance through the glass displays filled with row after row of savory and sweet treats tells you why.

The brainchild of Franz and Eveline Mueller, the Swiss Cafe and Bakery has been serving customers with delicious and authentic Swiss baked-goods and meals for 22 years in this location in Milford. All their pastries, except for the pies and chocolate, are made on premises and from scratch. 

Franz Mueller himself is a Pastry Chef, and both husband and wife ran a similar operation in their home country in Switzerland, before traveling to New Zealand and falling in love with the country, as we all do. =) 

It didn't take them long to decide to move to Auckland and open a bakery here, and it's lucky for us that they did! 

"The best part of my work is the contact you have with people," Eveline says of her love of the bakery and the hospitality industry. Her passion is evident in this wonderful cafe that is always humming with life, and in the wonderful pastries, cakes and confectionary that they make and sell here. 

"The Hazelnut Hat is a typical Swiss pastry and very popular amongst the customers," says Eveline. I had the pleasure of trying their Baker's Hot Dog, which was an utterly delicious sausage encased in a light and buttery puff pastry casing, while my kids devoured the Swiss Style Plum Fruit Flan, a succulent dessert flan made with plenty of delicious plum, both tart and sweet at the same time, which would work a treat with cream or yoghurt.

The coffee here is wonderful, and the array of cakes and slices on display is one of the more tantalizing and interesting variety I've seen in cafes around the North Shore. From a luscious-looking Black Forest cake to a decadent Chocolate Log, to cheesecakes and rolls that are also available in Gluten and Dairy-free options, there's something here for every one and every taste. 

One visit to the Swiss Cafe and Bakery is certainly not enough - and this recently converted bakery-lover is already looking forward to the next coffee and pastry here!

Swiss Cafe and Bakery
5 Milford Road,
Milford, Auckland 0620
Tel: +64 (09) 489 9737


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