Mangiamo, Mairangi Bay

A few Sundays ago, our little family dropped in at Mangiamo in Mairangi Bay for an impromptu brunch. We've walked past this charming little cafe, which is part of the Green Gables arcade, a couple of times while running errands and it always looked full and busy but inviting. 

There is a fairly decent amount of indoor seating, and I loved the easy, friendly vibe and atmosphere. Sun-lovers and those with little (or large) furry friends will certainly appreciate the large courtyard area out front.

Our server was extremely helpful and managed to score us not just one but two high-chairs on a very busy morning, and didn't show the slightest hint of grump at having to move our tables and chairs around so we could all fit in, stroller and all. 

There is a good selection of both cabinet food and menu options. I had the Mangiamo Big Breakfast with sausages, streaky bacon, hash browns, grilled tomatoes, garlic mushrooms and free-range scrambled eggs on toast. I loved the bacon, which were crispy on the edges but still tender and juicy, and the scrambled eggs were delicious. I wasn't too impressed with the mushrooms, which were a little bland, and I suspect the hash browns wasn't homemade, which I would have greatly preferred, but it was tasty nonetheless. 

The Husband had his token Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon, served on English muffins with creamy Hollandaise Sauce and he enjoyed his breakfast. The eggs were lovely and oozy, the sauce was spot on and the salmon slices were served in generous portions.

We also ordered a plate of Kids Pancakes for our boys, which came with sliced bananas and a berry compote. The pancakes itself were slightly dry, but tasty enough when drizzled with maple syrup and dipped into the berry compote. Our boys certainly did not complain!

Overall, the food is standard Kiwi brunch fare, and perhaps nothing exceptional; but what I loved about Mangiamo and would have me going back is the laid-back, cheerful atmosphere, the helpful staff, and the excellent coffee.

Green Gables Mall,
378 Beach Road,
Mairangi Bay, Auckland
Tel: +64 (09) 887 8398


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