Ostro, Britomart

On my birthday last month, we went to Ostro - a Josh Emett restaurant located at the Britomart Precinct in Auckland's CBD. For those not in the know, Josh Emett is a Michelin-star New Zealand Chef who has worked with the likes of Gordon Ramsay.

My parents were visiting for a few weeks, and they're both huge seafood fans, as am I. A quick search on Google told me that Ostro, with its sophisticated interior and sweeping sea and city views, was the place to go for some fine Kiwi cuisine with a focus on seafood. According to one website, 'the bar and brasserie features a raw bar which stocks fresh New Zealand seafood while the kitchen serves up modern twists on traditional kiwi food'. Sounds wonderful to me!

Ostro Seafood Platter
We certainly weren't disappointed. The space is elegant, polished, spacious and bright. It was already noisy with diners when we arrived at 8pm, but a prior reservation saw us seated next to the floor-to-ceiling glass windows offering a panoramic view of the harbor across the street.

Service was quick, friendly and attentive. We started with the Ostro Seafood Platter (but of course!), which was a two-tiered delight filled with everything a seafood-lover would want - prawns, mussels, oysters, ceviche and shellfish, as well as a soft and creamy fish mousse that came accompanied with some grilled sourdough. Meant for two people to share, it was a sizable portion and made for a wonderful entree for the four of us.

Beef Carpacio
Prawn and Miso Salad
Being the greedy pigs we were, we also ordered a plate of Beef Carpacio, which was dressed with a delicious anchovy mayonnaise, as well as a Prawn and Miso Salad that looked simple but tasted absolutely refreshing and wonderful. I loved the edamame beans in there, which added a nice crunch to the dish and a beautiful, nutty flavor.

Crispy Skin Akaroa Salmon
Roast Duck Ravioli
For mains, I chose the Crispy Skin Akaroa Salmon in a hot and sour broth, which again was an utter delight. The fish was tender and flaky, the skin perfectly crispy and the hot and sour broth was absolutely flavorful and made for a refreshing, Asian twist to the traditional kiwi version of the dish. 

Dad's Roast Duck Ravioli was served on some parsnip puree, with pickled pear and crackling. You can order this as an appetizer or a main portion, and he opted for the smaller serving, being already quite full from our entrees. The ravioli was cooked beautifully, with plenty of meat in the soft and silky pasta skin.

Roast Canterbury Lamb Rump
The Husband's Lamb Rump on a cashew nut paste served with sweet vine peppers, olives and anchovies was also a winner. The meat was melt-in-your-mouth tender and juicy, and the dish was well-balanced with plenty of beautiful, seasonal flavors that worked well together.

Fisherman's Soup
Mum who was still nursing a bad cold, opted for the Fisherman's Soup, which turned out to be just what she needed. With more fish, prawns and mussels served in a beautiful, flavorsome hot soup that came with some grilled sourdough for dipping, it was the perfect dish for a stuffy nose as well as being a nice, light option after a big entree.

Dinner ended with desserts of a Chocolate Lava Cake and a Creme Brûlée. They weren't as exceptional as the entrees and mains had been, but were still delicious nonetheless, and made for a wonderful ending to a perfect dining experience. 

The food is on the more expensive side, but the quality and inventiveness of the food, attentive service and wonderful ambience at Ostro certainly makes this a worthwhile experience, especially on special occasions. I'm glad I had the chance to try it once! 

Ostro Seafarers Building
52 Tyler St Britomart
Tel: +64 (09) 302 9888


  1. What a wonderful way to enjoy your birthday with the people you love and good food.

    1. Thanks Mun! It was a wonderful time made even more special because my parents were there too. =)

  2. looks delicious! Hope you had a nice birthday


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