Rakuzen, Empire Shopping Gallery

We've been frequenting Rakuzen for some good Japanese food for quite a number of years now. Home to some of the better Japanese food in the KL/Klang Valley (to me anyway), the restaurant has a comprehensive menu, with many choices in the sushi, sashimi, fried, and grilled section, as well as plenty of set menu options.

We've yet to order something we didn't enjoy in all our visits, and we've dined at quite a number of different outlets over the years, where we've experienced the same level of satisfaction when it came to the quality of food. From a simple Chawan Mushi to an elaborate plate of mixed sashimi, the food here is delicious and fresh, with attentive service in a cosy and welcoming environment. 

Avocado and Seafood Salad
One of our favorite items on the menu here is the Avocado and Seafood Salad with a miso dressing. It sounds simple enough, but it is often the simple things that leave no room for mistakes as you can't mask it with layers of sauce or cheese and etc. This salad was delicious, light and fresh, with lovely bits of sashimi in it, all tied together by the slightly citrusy, umami dressing. I sometimes order this in a large size and have it as a meal by itself.

Garlic Fried Rice
The Soft Shell Crabs and Garlic Fried Rice are also some of our favorite side dishes here. The rice is light, extremely flavorsome and not greasy or oily at all, and the crabs are crunchy and soft at the same time, utterly addictive with the dipping sauce.

Hotate no Mentaimayo Yaki
This time around we also tried the Hotate no Mentaimayo Yaki, which is basically Grilled Scallops topped with a spicy cod roe and mayonnaise. This was creamy, juicy and rich, with every mouthful a burst of cheesy, savory flavours. The portion is also bigger than it looks on the menu. Definitely worth a try if you like scallops.

Soft-shell Crabs
Ebiten Tobbiko Roll
The sushi here is delicious, light and delicate while packing a flavourful punch. I like that it doesn't fall apart as you bite into it, and the Ebiten Tobbiko Roll we had this time, which is basically Prawn Tempura topped with flying fish roe, were bite-sized delights with plenty of crunch and a lovely flavour and texture.

Salmon Shioyaki
It is also a habit of mine to order the Salmon Shioyaki here, basically a simple salmon grilled with salt. The skin is light and crispy and the flesh flaky and moist, and again, a mark of a good restaurant to me when they can present something so simple in all its perfection. Rakuzen still has a thumbs up from me!

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant @ Empire Shopping Gallery
Lot UG 17, Upper Ground Floor,
Empire Shopping Gallery,
Jln SS16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +603 5636 0100


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