Carolinensiel, Nordsee

We've just had the pleasure of spending a week and a half at the beautiful little seaside town of Carolinensiel at the Nordsee. Our trip was originally planned for five days, a little getaway for us to have some peace, quiet and rest in a beautiful location that we so badly needed after traveling halfway around the world and moving from one place to another. This was then extended due to unforeseen circumstances. Thank goodness the holiday home we'd rented from AirBnB was well-equipped to have us stay there for as long as we wanted to. 

We certainly found the peace and quiet we were looking for, not to mention some really cold days. It even snowed one day, which was very exciting for all of us! Resting, unfortunately, doesn't quite come into the equation when you have a two and a four year old. Nevertheless, it was good to 'escape' for awhile, and we had a lot of fun exploring this beautiful part of Germany, eating plenty of fish, and making friends with the local sheep!

The holiday home we rented was extremely family-friendly, and had its own large garden with a little slide and swing set, sand pit, and toddler-friendly toys like a scooter and a bobby car (which Nolan hijacked from day one). The Husband was thrilled to see a garage filled with bicycles of all sizes and even a bike trailer, so he could take the kids out for a ride.

The views that greeted us every morning were simply glorious. Green, beautiful, space as far as the eyes can see. Right across the road from our holiday home is a dyke where sheep graze each day, and the boys loved running up to them and saying 'Hi, sheep, Tscheuss, sheep!' every time we walked past.

The little town is small and walkable in just about an hour, but oh so utterly charming. People were friendly and greeted us with a cheerful 'Moin', which makes a refreshing change from the surliness of some of the people you encounter down south. We went to a playground at least once a day, and even found a lovely indoor one for when the weather was bad. The rest of the time we took leisurely walks through town, shopped for fish at the local markets, drove around to explore nearby towns, or hung out at our garden drinking wine while the kids entertained themselves. It was the perfect escape.

The Nordsee is all about the fish, and that was pretty much what we ate everyday, without any complaints from me! From salmon to butterfish to smoked matjes to the local Nordseekrabben, it occupies the majority of restaurant menus, and left us slightly satiated after a week and a half, but what a wonderful week of feasting on one of my favorite food.

It is also white asparagus season here in Germany, and we had the opportunity to taste some lovely white asparagus dishes at the Sielkrug, a restaurant I'd highly recommend visiting for some 'finer dining' if you're ever in this part of Germany. We loved the food there so much we went back to eat three times! I'll write more about it on a separate blog post.

The trip was a last minute decision, but it turned out to be exactly what we needed as a family. We had plenty of quality time to spent with our boys, time to sort through and deal with problems, time to let go of them, and time to just enjoy each other in a beautiful surrounding. 

There were bitterly cold days (both literally and metaphorically speaking), but when the sun came out it was simply glorious, and I'd love to return again in warmer months and actually be able to enjoy the beach and water, and hire myself one of those cute Strandkorb to lounge in.

Thanks for the wonderful memories Carolinensiel. It's back to the real world for us now as we settle in our holiday home in Mannheim while we embark on our next task of finding a home to live in.


  1. What a beautiful family photo! I love to eat fish so this place sounds so wonderful to be able to eat fresh seafood for every meal. All the best in finding a place to turn into a warm and lovely home!


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