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I can't believe we've been in our holiday apartment in Mannheim for a month now. Time has simultaneously dragged on as well as flew by since we got the keys to our new apartment four weeks ago, and we have been frantically planning, designing, buying, assembling, furnishing, painting, fixing, unpacking, paying multiple visits to IKEA and accumulating plenty of kms between Mannheim and Durmersheim in that duration. (Actually, The Husband has mostly done all that while I look after the kids as we've learned that it's next to impossible trying to renovate an apartment with a two and four year old in tow.)

Nevertheless, we've done our best. There were tears and anger and frustration and delayed deliveries and money draining out of our bank account and days where we hardly saw each other and days where we thought we couldn't do it anymore as were just so tired and plenty of wine and Whisky in between. 

BUT. We have a kitchen. We have a living room. We have functional bedrooms. We have all sixty boxes from New Zealand. We have each other. And in four days, we'll have a place to call home again. 

It's been lovely getting to know Frankfurt, Carolinensiel and Mannheim over the past two months. We've been blessed to always have had a roof over our heads. Our children, hopefully, will remember this time as an adventure and nothing less and only take with them the wonderful places they've seen and people they've met along the way. And hopefully one day when all this is over, when we're able to look back without any pain or sadness in our hearts, we'll remember this time as such too. 

But for now, I just can't wait to cook at my own kitchen again. To enjoy a meal at our dining table. To drink a glass of wine out on our balcony as the sun goes down. To inviting friends over for play dates and dinner dates and movie dates and wine dates. To creating new memories. To making new friends. To schools and doctors and therapies and watching my boys grow up and making friends of their own. 

To the ordinary. 

To the extraordinary.


  1. It is great to hear that all of you will be moving to your new apartment soon after all the hard work to get it ready. All the best! :)


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