Lehner's Wirtshaus, Rastatt

A couple of weeks ago, The Husband and I decided to take the kids to Rastatt for an afternoon to check out the Schloss Rastatt (Rastatt Residential Palace). The palace grounds were far lovelier than I had anticipated, with a couple of huge water fountains in front of the Baroque residence (the oldest in the Upper Rhine Valley), which was built in the 1700s.

The kids had a fun time running around discovering the beautiful gardens and the playground nearby, while The Husband and I admired the beautiful, elegant palace. The gardens are open to the public, although the palace itself may only be viewed as part of a guided tour.

After our walk, we stumbled across Lehner's Wirsthaus, right next to the palace grounds, and decided rather spontaneously to have dinner there before heading home. There is a Lehner's Wirsthaus in Karlsruhe (where we used to live), Heilbronn, Pforzheim as well as this one in Rastatt. We used to go to the one in Karlsruhe quite often, and have always enjoyed its ambience, drinks and food. 

I was pleasantly surprised when we entered the building. The interior is far more spacious and elegant than the one in Karlsruhe, with high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows letting in plenty of natural light as well as providing a lovely view to the palace gardens outside. I immediately loved the huge chandelier that catches your eye the minute you enter, and the sexy, sophisticated bar area that stretches across one end of the room. 

The restaurant itself is divided into a few different spaces - a bar area with high stools, a seating area which can accommodate large groups and families, and a quieter area at the back where we discovered a box of childrens' toys and books that kept our kids entertained during our meal.

We ordered some traditional German food, which is what the restaurant specializes in - Spaetzle for the kids, a Maultaschen for me that came in a delicious dark beer sauce with onions and a potato salad on the side, and a Pork Schnitzel for The Husband with homemade french fries. The menu is the same across all four restaurants, and we were pleased to discover the food were as tasty as the ones we've tried in Karlsruhe.

Klassiker Maultaschen mit Emmentaler verfeinert
Lehner's boasts comforting, no-fuss, traditional Bavarian food that focuses on quality in a relaxed yet stylish setting, great for a family meal or a night out with friends, and I have no doubt we will be back quite a few times to try the other items on the menu.

Lehner's Wirtshaus Rastatt
Am Schlossplatz 2
276437 Rastatt
Tel: +49 7222 934443


  1. I had to google for Spaetzle and Maultaschen to find out what they are and after reading the description, I would like to try them if I ever get to visit Germany. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Oh sorry Mun. I should have explained on the blog post. I'll find some time to amend it later. =) I do hope you get to try them someday!


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