The Magic of My Name

My three-year-old, Nolan, is really into letters and numbers. He loves books and has been able to recite the alphabets in both English and German since he was two-years-old!

He can also spell out his name and his brother's name, and is always excited to point out letters whenever he sees it on buildings, t-shirts, cartons, you name it. 

A couple of months ago I was given the opportunity to order this book, The Magic Of My Name, for Nolan, and I immediately jumped at the chance! 

The Magic Of My Name is a personalised book that invites children on a magical adventure full of loveable characters, as the story unfolds based on the letters in the child's name. Each story is unique to the child, with each letter of the child’s name receiving a certain character trait. With each trait, the book teaches different, important values, unfolding in a magical, adventurous setting.

The book is bright, fun and colourful, and I knew Nolan would enjoy discovering all the letters of his name as we read, and the hidden meaning behind each letter. He loves flipping through it and reading about how the little boy 'Nolan' discovers his name and what it means!

Being personalised, this book makes a truly special gift for a child that's learning to read or one that enjoys stories. It is available in both hardback and paperback, and the best part is that you can completely customise everything right up to the child's name, gender and hair/skin colour, and also see a preview of how the final book will look before purchasing it!

The book is available in Spanish, German, English, French, Italian, Dutch and Catalan! To learn more about this book and order a copy, visit the website here:


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