A rockin' weekend!

It has been quite the weekend! On the last day of the first half of the year ( that's the 30th of June for those of you racking your brains), I got to tick an item of my bucket list thanks to my wonderful husband, which was to see Coldplay perform their Head Full of Dreams tour live in Frankfurt!

Crowd of thousands waiting for Coldplay at the Commerzebank Arena in Frankfurt
I'd given up on getting tickets for their current tour as everything affordable has been sold out months ago, and with so many upcoming travel and our move to Kuppenheim coming up in a few months, I didn't think we could justify the expense of paying for VIP tickets, which were the only ones available. But my sweet husband, resourceful as he is, utterly surprised me with tickets about two weeks ago, which he'd managed to buy from someone who had to sell theirs.

The lovely man had meant for it to be a surprise on the day of the concert itself and had arranged for a sitter and planned to whisked me off to Frankfurt without me being none the wiser, but as I was in danger of ruining it all by organising another event for the same time, he had to give up and tell me what was going on.

Let's get the party started!
Needless to say, Ive been on Cloud Nine for the past two weeks! The lead up to the concert and the show itself far surpassed my expectations. It was such an incredible experience and one I will surely talk about for the rest of my life. This was beyond a doubt the best concert I've ever been to, and I can't remember the last time I had such a high in my life!

We had such an incredible time singing, dancing and jumping around (the dancing and jumping was mostly me), and it was just so much fun to let loose and forget that we're parents with kids and a world of responsibilities and duties on our shoulders for just one spectacular, mind-blowing night.

Coldplay Head Full of Dreams Tour, Frankfurt 2917
We got home at about 2am, which was the latest I've been up since forever, and I paid for it with a 7am wake up call from two boys who determinedly did not care that mum was up late the night before, singing at the top of her lungs with one of the coolest bands in the world. Nevertheless, it was worth the zombie-like state I was in throughout the next day.

Yesterday, we headed to Baden Baden for their annual Sommernachte festival, which was the event I wanted to go on the Friday before I knew about the extravagant surprise The Husband had planned for me. This is a festival of food, wine and music that lasts for three days with participating restaurants coming up with special menus just for the festival.

Kurhaus Baden Baden (Baden Baden Casino)
It is held in front of the famed Baden Baden casino, which always makes for a rather spectacular setting. With great food, live music and awesome wine served from lunch to nighttime, this is an event that's on my yearly calendar.

We didn't get to stay for too long as it's not easy to keep Liam in rein in a crowded place, but we were able to sit and enjoy a meal by Leo's, one of my favourite restaurant in Baden Baden, where I devoured a delicious bowl of Salmon Penne and The Husband had the extremely tasty Maultaschen, which is a dish typical to this region of Germany (similar to a dumpling with a meat filling).

The next time this event comes around again, we might try to get a babysitter and go in the evening instead so we can enjoy more of the music aspect of it. But nevertheless, it was a wonderful afternoon that ticks all my fun boxes, and the kiddies even got to enjoy a special ride at the end of it.

All in all, it was a simply rocking' weekend in every sense of the word, and one that will be pretty hard to top!

Thankfully, there are many more adventures heading our way for the second half of this year - starting with my parents' visit in four weeks, followed by a quick getaway to Munich for The Husband and I, a family trip to Mallorca in August and then a solo trip to London for me towards the end of the year.

Dare I say it? Maybe life in Germany isn't that bad after all. 


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