Enchilada, Karlsruhe

Tired of our usual haunts, The Husband and I wanted to eat something a little different for dinner last night, so we decided to head to Enchilada, a Mexican restaurant in Karlsruhe. 

We've been to Enchilada on a few occasions back when we used to live in Karlsruhe, as it was walking distance from our old apartment and one of the few Mexican restaurants in the area. I've always enjoyed the lively and laid-back atmosphere here, the colourful and vibrant decor, and of course excellent cocktails and interesting food selection!

Admittedly, I have limited experience when it comes to Mexican cuisine. It is not widely available in Malaysia, and during the years when I lived in Michigan as a university student, my culinary adventures did not extend much beyond American/Asian/Italian food. I'm glad to say that my palate and love for food have grown far and wide since then!

However, we've celebrated birthdays and had meals at Enchiladas as a small family and as a large group, and I've yet to be disappointed by the food or service (although I have to note that my margarita took over half an hour to arrive yesterday when the restaurant was fairly quiet, and I'm not quite sure why!)

However, yesterday's late drink aside, service is generally fast, friendly and efficient based on previous experiences, and I love that it's such a family-friendly establishment as well. 

Colouring papers and pencils were brought out for the kids, and we were offered kid-friendly utensils without us asking. It's not a lot, but small gestures like these are always appreciated. It shows us that the restaurant is prepared to handle little children as well as cater for them.

The children's menu also contained more than your typical German wurst and french fries, and this is a great place to start getting your kids to try food with different flavours like salsa, bean dips, guacamole and tortillas, especially if this is something you don't normally have/cook at home. 

We had the Plato Enchilada for two, which came with several pieces of beautifully cooked steak and grilled chicken breasts, shrimp skewers, homemade potato skins, quesada, corn on cob, as well as several different dips, and this was more than enough for the four of us. 

The food was delicious (although some of the dips were a tad spicy for our little ones) and I simply loved how colourful and vibrant it all looked, presented in a simple basket.

We also ordered a side of garlic bread (I wasn't sure how the kids would take to Mexican flavours) and I have to shamefully admit that most of it ended up in my tummy! I can never resist a good garlic bread!

All these was of course washed down with the earlier mentioned glass of Classic Margarita, which when finally arrived, really hit the note for me. I don't normally order cocktails so when I do, I expect it to be really good and this was definitely satisfying.

Enchilada is not the cheapest place to dine compared to typical German bars/biergartens, but if you, like us, are looking for something a little different to your traditional German fare, than a meal at Enchilada might just satisfy that craving with its rich, spicy, fresh and savoury Mexican flavour profile. 

Enchilada Karlsruhe
Waldstraße 63
76133 Karlsruhe
Tel: +49 721 1208885


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