Hopfenschlingel, Rastatt

Hopfenschlingel in Rastatt is without a doubt one of my favourite German biergartens/restaurants in the area. The Husband introduced me to this dining establishment mid of last year, and we have since been back to eat at least once a month. In fact, we've been to this restaurant more than any other since moving to Germany, and I was so surprised I had not written about it that I had to look through my previous blog posts to be sure! 

Nevertheless, good things, especially food, are meant to be shared - and so here we are. The menu at Hopfenschlingel consists of typical/traditional German fare, featuring dishes well known to the Blackforest region of Germany. So if you're looking to introduce yourself to the local cuisine, this is definitely the place to go.

There is plenty of seating both on the inside and in the courtyard areas of the restaurant, which makes it the perfect all-year-round establishment; and because it's so spacious, it never feels too crowded even when every table is occupied. 

One of my favourite features of the restaurant is the playground that's located at one end of the biergarten -  this means mum and dad can enjoy a drink in peace while the children play! Of course this doesn't really apply in our situation as Liam will probably wander off to tables and start greeting customers, but I'm sure there are many parents who appreciates having a place for the kids to safely burn some energy while the parents enjoy a drink or two.

In the winter months, the inside of the restaurant, which reminds me of a cosy inn with its wooden furnishing, panelling and high-beamed ceiling, is warm, inviting and charming. In the summer months, most people opt to sit outside and the biergarten comes alive with nearly every table occupied, even on a week day.

Over the past year, we've probably tried most of the items on the menu, which consists of a wide range of rustic, traditional and hearty dishes. Hopfenschlingel also has its own brewery on site, so this is a great place to try some local German beers on tap. The house brewery makes Pilsners, wheat beers, as well as special dark brews, each with its on distinctive taste.

Some of our favourite food here include their Flammkuchen, a regional specialty that's similar to a pizza but with a very thin base, as well as their Pork Schnitzels. I've also really enjoyed their Krauter-Maultaschen, as well as Fleischkase served with plenty of caramelised onions and french fries. 

On a hot summer's day, the Wurstsalat, which you can have with either bread, fried potatoes or french fries, definitely hits the spot. It is served cold with thin cheese slices, pickles and red onions. On previous occasions we've also enjoyed their variety of seasonal salads, pastas, and the famed German Pork Knuckle!

When it comes to desserts, the Apfelstrudel and Creme Brûlée is definitely the way to go. In fact, it's actually been awhile since we've had them so I must make it a point to order it again next time!

Hopfenschlingel is such a warm and inviting place that we fell in love with it from the get go, and it's become our to-go place to take visitors, to dine out on a weekend, or whenever we need a pick-me-up! Everything from its atmosphere and drinks, to its food and service is faultless. We've never had a bad meal here, or made to feel unwelcome even if ,our kids were being noisy or having a difficult day. 

This is a restaurant I'd definitely recommend to anyone looking for good German fare from around the Blackforest region in a convivial setting, and it's definitely a place we'll return to over and over again as long as we're still living in this corner of the world!

Hopfenschlingel, Rastatt
Militärstraße 2
76437 Rastatt
Tel: +49 7222 30099


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