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Masseria Cuturi's Zacinto Negroamaro

I have always been the sort of person that's easily affected by the weather. My mood goes up when the sun is out and I find myself sluggish and lethargic when the weather is grey and rainy. Needless to say, spring is really not my favourite time in Germany (let's not even start talking about allergies)!

The one thing that can always perk me up regardless of the weather is the ocean a good bottle of wine. This bottle of Zacinto Negroamaro from Masseria Cuturi of Puglia, Italy, certainly did the trick!

Negroamaro is a red wine grape variety native to the south of Italy. It is grown almost exclusively in Puglia and particularly Salento - the 'heel' of Italy. The story here is that Negroamaro was the favorite wine of Cuturi's "Massero" - the man who managed everything - especially the quality of the grapes. Apparently, he loved this grape variety so much he would hide the wine barrel secretly for his own needs (I feel like this is a man that I would get along with!).

A Negroamaro typically has deep ruby red tones and this is no different. On the nose is hint of wild flowers, sweet cherries, and spices, and I loved the herbal notes, liquorice and earthiness on the palate. The wine is balanced, velvety and delicate with a soft, lingering finish - good on its own or paired with savoury dishes.

I'm feeling much better already! 

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review, nor have I been requested to write or review this wine in any way. Most of the wines reviewed on this blog are bought on my own, and reviewed simply because I enjoy them, and I want to share them here so you may enjoy them too! Sponsored reviews will be clearly stated in the post.  


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